More measurement possibilities with less space

Dear Customer,
we are pleased to announce the renewal of the most compact of our camera profile projectors for the rapid measurement of small parts and springs: the new LED2D-50H becomes more ergonomic and with a wider measuring range.

The instrument LED2D-50H improves on many fronts:
• Field of view extended up to 63 x 45 mm (compared to 46 x 33 mm of the previous version)
• A handwheel permits the vertical movement of the camera allowing the measurement of very tall parts.
• Total integration with the PMAR8 statistical analysis software
• Compatibility with the Optional 2D-OP-01 which allows you to quickly measure extension springs thanks to the magnetic support and the possibility to rotate the spring on its axis, aligning the eyelets to the measuring plane and measuring the angle between the eyelets .
• Easier to carry, a single cable connects the instrument to the computer which in turn requires only one power cable
• 21 ‘touchscreen to operate comfortably even without having to sit down.
• Sturdy and with anti-scratch paint, also suitable for the production department

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our sales offices, we will be happy to show you all the new features of our instrument.