3D measuring system for torsion springs and bent wire parts of any shape

Dear Customer,
We present to you the greatest innovation in spring measuring instruments of the recent years.
IVM is now available, a 3D dimensional measuring system for torsion springs and parts made by bent round wire of any shape.
Efficient, precise, and easy to use, it allows measurements that were previously impossible.

Efficiency: the IVM does not require an accurate positioning of the piece to be measured.
You just need to place the piece on one of the supplied supports and then start the acquisition.

Precision: IVM reduces the possibility of error, the operator cannot cause an alteration of the measurements with incorrect positioning.

Measurements: IVM can detect also measurements that are almost impossible with normal 2D profile projectors, such as the concentricity and the angle between two coilings and so much more.
It Is also possible to export the 3D drawing in STEP format.

Wide measuring range: it is possible to analyse all the pieces made by bent round wire, that can be inserted into the measuring volume of 100 x 100 x 95 mm, also positioned diagonally, further to increasing the maximum measurable length.

In a few days it will be possible to see it at the Wire&Tube in Düsseldorf, where you can also test it with your own springs.

We are waiting for you from the 15/04 to 19/04 at our stand Hall 16 position G01.