The Management has set the strategic objectives of MicroStudio for the next few years:

  • Only build products of high quality and efficiency
  • Optimize internal resources and their use, reaching competitive prices to maintain and, if possible, improve the Company’s presence on the international market

Pay particular attention to the aesthetics of the products, creating hardware and software that are practical and pleasant to use

  • Promote the ease of use of the products, directing the choices towards the customer and his needs as much as possible </ li>
  • To package and supply a product accompanied by all the documentation useful to support its correct use: manuals, procedures, exploded drawings, sw diagnostics, maintenance
  • Offer after-sales services such as maintenance and updating

To achieve these strategic objectives, together with the operational objectives, the Management intends to commit to ensuring that its Quality Management System is:

  • Supported, active and updated, according to the purpose of MicroStudio
  • Compliant with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001
  • Oriented to satisfying the Customer’s requirements, including those implied and those expected
  • Conducted following the risk-based approach, pursuing the Risk-Thinking philosophy
  • Periodically reviewed to evaluate its effectiveness
  • Aimed at the constant search for continuous improvement
  • Communicated, disseminated and understood by the Company’s staff

The Management strongly believes in the following values, which it takes into consideration in every aspect of MicroStudio management:

  • The tireless pursuit of satisfying the expectations of customers, internal or external, and of all interested parties
  • The pursuit of excellence, aimed at gaining trust and loyalty in its Customers
  • The orientation of work activities to the logic of processes, aimed at achieving the objectives and strategic guidelines
  • The growth of its collaborators and the consolidation of their knowledge and skills
  • The creation of a healthy and constructive work environment, aimed at collaboration and team spirit
  • The protection of health and safety in compliance with the laws in force
  • The creation of solid partnerships with Suppliers, able to establish solid and lasting collaborations