CAL-CF01: The solution for verifying the chamfer of compression springs

Dear Customer,
Due to the even more precise controls we have designed the CAL-CF01, a camera gauge developed to check the internal chamfer of helical compression springs.
The measurement obtained is immediate, just place the spring on the measuring surface to instantly obtain the value of the internal bevel.

• By placing the spring on the measuring surface, the minimum and maximum chamfer value and the chamfered coil angle are instantly obtained
• The measurement is completely objective: it is carried out using a special illuminator and telecentric optics that guarantee its accuracy
• The extremely reduced size and weight make it easy to transport, thanks also to the presence of a handle placed on the side of the instrument
• An upper door protects the measuring system from dust and light
• A version for measuring the external bevel is also available on request

For more information do not hesitate to contact our sales offices, we will be happy to show you all the features of our instrument.