New dynamometer for big springs up to 3kN

Dear Customer,
The new PMZ-LX-057 is an automatic dynamometer with a 500 mm plate suited not only for compression springs, but also for metal bellows, expansion joints and wave springs.

Particularly robust and accurate, allows to measure very big elastic components thanks to the 500 mm plate and 700 mm stroke, while maintaining small dimensions.

• Extremely rigid structure with 3 recirculating ball screws
• High measure sensitivity and accuracy, independent from the point of the plate stressed.
• Latest generation security system with optical safety barriers, perfect for speeding up the loading procedures of big springs and big elastic elements.

This special model of PMZ maintains the features of the standard model, which we remember being:

– Possibility both of dynamic measure (with machine on working) and of static measure (with a stop at the measurement point)
– Mechanical and electronic protection against overload
– Hardened and ground stainless steel plates and electronic handle for the manual movement
– PMInterface software for dynamic measurement and immediate creation of length / forces graphs and PMAR8 Software for the statistical processing and storage of the measurements

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