New Software features for expanding the range of measure that can be carried out

Dear Customer,
Our line of portable vision instruments expands its potential by introducing the possibility to perform further measurements on compression springs and more…

By means of convenient touchscreen buttons we can choose to measure:

• Ground and not ground compression springs, standing, or leaning on:
– Length
­- Maximum, minimum, and average external diameter and of each coil
­- Maximum, minimum, and average pitch and of each coil NEW
­- Standing spring inclination NEW

• Rings: NEW
­- Diameter NEW
­- Gap NEW

• Small conical springs: NEW
­- Maximum, minimum, and average external diameter NEW
­- Distance between the coil center NEW

We remind you that the measured values can be exported with an USB stick, or sent to any PC or tablet Software thanks to the practical “keyboard emulation” output.
With this interface we can easily write the values directly into an Excel sheet or any other Software.

For any further information do not hesitate to contact us at the email address