MC54-1000-LX-021 Setting and load testing machine for wave and cup springs Dear Customer, We present you the new model of our MC54 machine, dedicated to the setting and testing of wave and cup springs, that can be fed by a special and very particular loader.



PMZ-LX-057 New dynamometer for big springs up to 3kN Dear Customer, The new PMZ-LX-057 is an automatic dynamometer with a 500 mm plate suited not only for compression springs, but also for metal bellows, expansion joints and wave springs. Particularly robust and accurate, allows to measure very big elastic components thanks to



SCR Automatic 2D control gauge of big lots Dear Customer, Not everyone knows about our automatic profile control gauge SCR, now renewed and perfect for the final product and for the selection of contaminated lots. Today we will show you the features of this versatile, fast, and easy to use



LED2D-H and LED2D-B Automatic and manual camera profile projectors Dear Customer, We want to introduce you the new manual version of our camera profile projector LED2D, designed to perform quick and easy measurements without complicated configurations. Today, we show you the innovations and the differences between the new LED2D-B and the consolidated LED2D-H version. For



New setting machines line For the fast and effective setting of small and medium sized compression springs, ground or not-ground Dear Customer, The new series of setting machine is even faster, easier to use and to equip and with a lower consumption and noise levels. In addition to the RDZ500 there is



PM-OP-01: New optional for PMZ Accessory for 100% load control of small batches Dear Customer, Does it happen to you to manually select the load of small batches of compression springs? Then this new accessory is made for you. It transforms a PMZ spring force tester into a suitable machine for this



FCF3 - FCL3 Automatic loading system for MC54 setting and load testing machine Dear Customer, The new MC54-1000 and MC54-2000 machines can be equipped with the FCL3 loader only or also with the FCF3 feeder. These innovative solutions offer many advantages: Low energy consumption Great flexibility Compactness Low noise level FCF3 is



New features for the CAL280 calliper with electric contact for springs Dear customer, Our calliper for springs with electric contact CAL280 has been renewed to be even more functional when used in the department and it has been added the possibility of connecting it to any PC or terminal. The CAL280 is designed


Wire&Tube 2022

Wire&Tube Düsseldorf 2022 Also this edition of the Wire & Tube in Düsseldorf ends with great satisfaction for us. The Wire & Tube represents a reference appointment and a showcase in which we believe and invest a lot of energy and resources to communicate the news to our customers. Twenty-four machines and instruments


MC54-150 and FCF2

Automatic line for setting and testing of compression springs Dear Customer, MicroStudio today can offer a complete automatic line solution for the control and settling of medium-sized compression springs consisting of: Feeder, loader, settling and testing machine and finally Box changer. This line was presented for the first time at the recent Wire

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