New motorized decoiler

Dear Customer,

Not everyone knows that MicroStudio produces motorized decoilers to feed the wire to the coilers, thanks to its experience in the field of electronics and the springs business.

Already, in the early 1990s, MicroStudio developed an intelligent wire pay-off with a speed control based on the spool diameter variation.

The new ASC500-SP would have had a leading position at the Wire show in Düsseldorf, as many improvements have been brought, making it a must to the spring manufacturers.

Security: it’s the safest decoiler available on the market:

  • electronics providing a safe use
  • the safety system can be interfaced with the coiler
  • slow speed and jog mode for set-up
  • all movable parts are protected by guarding

Reduced space: The dancer arm is moving vertically to reduce space. The safety guarding allows using the decoiler near to the coiler and the operator

Shock absorber to compensate for great and frequent wire demands

Easy and fast change over: changing the spool is easily and quickly done by the operator without the need of a fork lift or a hoist

Small energy consumption thanks to its electronic control, the rotating speed is maintained as constant as possible, avoiding power demands