Color marking system for compression springs

VAS: machine to paint compression spring

Dear Customer,
The VAS system is a simple fixture to solve the problem of marking compression springs with a mix of paint and water.
Easy to configure, and moreover, easy to clean and maintain in working condition.
Marking compression springs, because of their geometry, is a waste of paint all around the area.
The VAS has specifically been designed to paint compression springs. The amount of paint required is measured carefully using a peristaltic pump connected to an air free tank. Thus, the paint does not dry.
The paint is put on the spring by the mean of a roller, which reduces the drip, avoiding the stop of the machine for cleaning and maintenance.
The VAS is ideal to be installed at the exit of a spring setting machine RDZ or an automatic load testing machine MC54 or an automatic measuring machine SCR. The VAS can also be used as a stand-alone unit.
To summarize, the VAS is a simple, economic solution using an intelligent control system which makes spring marking easy, fast and clean.