MicroStudio winter season Holiday 2021

Dear Customer,
Also this year ends with the achievement of important goals realized thanks to the collaboration and trust you have shown in us.
This is why we would like to take the opportunity of the upcoming holidays to thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We also inform you that we will be closed from the 31st/12 to the 9th/01 inclusive.
For any urgency, you can still contact us at the email address service@microstudio.eu

In support of pregnant women from the Ethiopian clinic of Haro Wato
We have always been committed to solidarity and, for the year 2022, we will offer our contribution to support the “ETH-16 – Taking care” project promoted by the Non-profit Foundation “Comboniane nel Mondo”, created to economically support pregnant and childbirth in the less fortunate areas of Ethiopia. The program provides for the support of the expenses related to births, medicines and the salaries of the nurses working on the front.