ASC610 Pay off with max. 600 kg capacity with lowered plate

Dear customer,
we present the new pay-off with lowered top, developed in order to facilitate loading and increase safety at high rotation speeds.
The greatest danger for a pay-off is the risk of overturning caused by unpredictable tangles of the wire; this risk is significantly reduced by lowering the work-plate, but not only.

All ASC MicroStudio pay-offs are equipped with electronics to connect and manage safety cages (FEN) with operation at reduced and controlled safety speed (SLS) during the SETUP phases.
The other main features of the new ASC610 are:

• Load capacity 600 Kg
• Height of the plate from the ground 420 mm
• Recommended for wire up to 3mm in diameter
• Available in two versions with 1000 or 1200 mm plate
• Adjustable dancer tension and height
• Reclining side rods for easier loading

We also remind you that our pay-offs have a wide selection of optionals to meet the different production needs.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our sales offices at the email address