Precision setting machine for small springs

Dear Customer,
Completing our new line of spring setting machines the RDZ100 is coming, designed for small and very small springs that requires high mechanical precision.

Just like the other models, RDZ500 and RDZ900, also the RDZ100 is a fast, practical, and easy to place machine and it differs in the capacity and precision, which allows to set small springs that require high precision and sensitivity in order not to damage the spring or the equipment.

The strong points of this machine are:

Possibility of automatic feeding: RDZ100 can be fed manually by placing the springs on the rotating table or by means of an automatic loader.
The machine is equipped with a separator which drops one spring at a time onto the table.
This is controlled by the machine itself making connecting a feeder very easy.

Orientation of not ground spring: for cases of springs to be adjusted before grinding that need to rest on helical seats, RDZ100 has an orientator that rotates the spring and position it correctly in its seat.

Setting: the motorized setting station carries out setting cycles at length or block up to 1 kN.

Spring evacuation: through air blow.
A high-sensitivity sensor detects the passage of the spring at the exit and allows to have an exact production count.

The RDZ100 also maintains the positive features of the other models:
– Flexibility and very quick setup times
– Last-generations security systems for the maximum operator peace of mind
– Industry 4.0 with the possibility of a network connection for a MES production management system, but also a WEB interface for easy viewing the machine status without any Software.
– Very low energy consumption, less than 0.3 kW at full capacity

For any further information do not hesitate to contact us at the email address: info@microstudio.eu