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New functionalities for LED3D testers

Version V20: a new support to set-up the coiler Dear Customer, Our 3D measuring instruments LED3D for compression springs are now equipped with our V20 software which offers new functionalities such as exact developed length measurement, ground angle, positions where the pitch should be modified to achieve a good orthogonality and a good parallelism.


New option for our LED2D camera profile projector

2D-OP-01: equipment to measure instantaneously extension springs Dear Customer, Our camera profile projectors LED2D are improving with a new fixture dedicate to the fast and easy measure of extension springs. A specific support allows checking the springs and the angular position of the hooks. The 2D-OP-01 fixture consists of a magnetic support where the



Torsion spring life test machine Dear Customers, We are pleased to present our new life test machine dedicated to torsion springs, the TFT (Torque Fatigue Tester). This specific machine is the answer to the growing demand to analyze the specifications of torsion and double torsion springs. The test is fast and easy to perform.



New motorized decoiler Dear Customer, Not everyone knows that MicroStudio produces motorized decoilers to feed the wire to the coilers, thanks to its experience in the field of electronics and the springs business. Already, in the early 1990s, MicroStudio developed an intelligent wire pay-off with a speed control based on the spool diameter


LED50T: New instrument on board the coilers to check extension springs

Safety and ease of use without penalizing flexibility Dear Customers, We are widening our range of instruments on board coilers, for checking springs; After checking compression and torsion springs we are now introducing the control of extension springs. The new LED50T-V10 makes hook measurement reliable and easy. The new LED50T-V10 is used to check



Dear Customer, The calibration Laboratory of MicroStudio, specialized in the calibration of equipment and machines for checking springs has obtained the certification following certification: We are fulfilling all the criteria of the new norm UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 The loads and services of our lab are detailed her after. In fact, our Laboratory


Instrument for measuring garter springs

New instruments series for measuring garter springs Dear Customer, For many years MicroStudio is the leading company for the production of instruments to measure garter springs, extension springs for Jacquard works, or guide wires. That’s the reason why we have decided to renew this range of equipment. It is composed of a fully automatic

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