New machine for stress testing of compression and traction springs up to 6 kN

Dear Customer,
we present the new PMF600 machine for life testing of compression and traction springs, which is characterized by quick setting times and ease of use …

This new machine joins the proven PMF300, and is capable of measuring stronger springs while also introducing many useful improvements:

• Absolute electronic ruler showing the test length of the spring
• Structure that allows the test of even just 2 springs, up to a maximum of 18 at the same time
• Automatic notification for the different machine maintenance
• Innovative movement transmission system that eliminates the connecting rod and allows easy loading of all the springs, but above all guarantees perfect symmetry of the stresses, something that does not happen on other machines with connecting rod.
• New stroke adjustment system with several advantages:
– Faster: a single screw blocks the movement of the stroke
– Stroke measurement system even under load
• Network connection for remote monitoring of the machine
• As in the PMF300, the breaking of the spring is immediately detected by means of an electrical system

We remind you that Microstudio has a wide range of fatigue testing machines that can test compression springs up to 30kN, and torsion springs up to 1Nm.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our sales offices, we will be happy to illustrate the potential of our machines in the best possible way.