Version V20: a new support to set-up the coiler

Dear Customer,

Our 3D measuring instruments LED3D for compression springs are now equipped with our V20 software which offers new functionalities such as exact developed length measurement, ground angle, positions where the pitch should be modified to achieve a good orthogonality and a good parallelism.

The LED3D is reputed as being the reference to analyze and measure compression springs. But, with the new software, we want to do more.

The V20 software version is really a step forward regarding the measuring possibilities and the speed to do the tests.

• It is now possible to determine the start of the coil and measure accurately the developed length of wire (avoiding turning the spring upside down), allowing making calculations on the spring specifications.

• Without any additional manipulation, the V20 software indicates to the set-up man the exact position where the pitch should be corrected to obtain a good squareness and a good parallelism.

• The upper camera, which helps positioning the spring and calculates the angle over which the end coil is ground is now motorized. Focusing is automatic, so the operation is much faster than before.

We have also developed solutions to modify existing LED3D instruments and apply some of the new modifications.

If you are interested, please send us your machine serial number and we will provide you with a proposal of modification.