RDZ500 New Version of our setting machine for compression springs up to 5kN

Dear Customer,
Our RDZ500 setting machine is appreciated for its low energy consumption, high production speeds and low noise.
This sturdy machine has now been improved by becoming more ergonomic, performing and suitable for a wider range of springs.

Among the improvements we highlight:

Wider range of springs: RDZ500 can, at each cycle, settle 1 or 3 springs with external diameter up to a maximum of 34 mm on the pin and can also settle springs guided in the bush (maximum De 15 mm). A new, more precise rotary table also allows the setting of springs even of very small dimensions.

Flexibility: RDZ500 allows both manual and automatic loading and angular orientation of the spring, necessary in the case of unground springs.

Reduction of setup times: new 7-inch touch display panel with clear and intuitive software, reduction of mechanical adjustments required for equipment changes piece counter sensor that detects springs of all sizes without the need for adjustments.

Ergonomics: in the case of manual loading, the operator can operate in a comfortable sitting position with space for the legs and a lower work surface than the old machine.
The exit height of the springs, on the other hand, has remained unchanged thanks to a particular curved slide which also reduces the noise caused by the falling spring.

Industry 4.0: it is possible to monitor production thanks to a simple connection to a WEB page that provides an always updated production report.
A “MODBUS” connection is also available for interfacing with your MES.

Furthermore, the RDZ500 can be directly connected to our paint marker VAS-03 or to the conveyor belt MC54-SEP-01.
For more information, do not hesitate to contact our sales offices at the email address info@microstudio.eu.

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