Software for SPC studies, production overview, gesture of production.

Management software for measurements, statistical analysis and reports

  • Simple and intuitive interface for integrated management of measurement instruments
  • Creation of control surfaces for each spring code, saving the conditions and tolerances
  • Automatic execution of tests, analyses of measurements and process control
  • Archiving of log over entire production
  • Creation of statistical reports and interfacing with other managements
  • Wealth of optional modules which can be integrated
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8-PRO (requires PMAR8)
Optional module for control phases management

  • Management of measurements in the various production phases of the product
  • Tracking of the entire production procedure with orderly and linear archiving
  • Display of the graphics in all the phases and possibility of filter per single display
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8-CONTROL-01 (requires PMAR8)
Optional hardware module for PMAR8 software

  • Communication management with devices and external peripherals:
    • Input peripherals or buttons
    • ­­Discarders
    • Flashing traffic lights
    • Robots
  • Configurable input and output
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8-WEB (requires PMAR8)
PMAR8 software web version

  • Access via browser with a PMAR8 version with simplified functionality
  • Test execution with keypad or caliper
  • Consultation of measurement results
  • Optimised for tablets and smartphone
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8-STARTUP (requires PMAR8)
Optional support module for the startup phase of compression spring production)

  • Automatic plan for spring analysis in agreement with the suggestion for maximum use of the tolerances available
  • Archiving of the print-outs with the traceability of the operator who performed the tests, the number of attempts made and the final outcome of approval of the production
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Software to calculate the test angles of the torsion springs.

Software developed to calculate the start angle for the tests on the torque tester.

  • Calculation of the angles takes into consideration all the factors in play such as the type of torque tester, the load application points, the wire diameter, the type of equipment and more besides.
  • 3D simulation of the behaviour of the springs on varying the angle among the legs
  • Generation of a report which can be saved and archived together with the spring drawing
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Dealers of the most popular German software for FED spring design

MicroStudio is the Italian dealer of Hexagon, the most widespread spring design software in Europe.
The various packages cover every type of spring and flexible component with continuous upgrades according to legislation in force.
It complies with DIN standards and its compliance with them is certified.

  • ­drawing print according to DIN
  • ­­automatic calculation of tolerances
  • ­goodman diagram

Hexagon Website

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