Torque measurements2022-06-17T15:51:48+02:00

Instruments to measure the torque of torsion springs. Max torque 100 Nm.

Manual torque tester up to 10 Nm

  • Motorised rotation
  • Toolkit for modular testing
  • PMInterface software for dynamic measurements and creation of length/load graphics
  • PMAR8 software for the processing of statistics and archiving of measurements
Technical Informations2023-05-22T10:51:50+02:00

Automatic torque tester up to 100 Nm

  • Motorized plate rotation
  • Kit of modular test tools
  • PMInterface software for measuring the loads on the fly and the rotation/torque curve
  • PMAR8 software for statistical process and saving of the measures
  • Software available to calculate the test angles
Technical Informations2023-06-20T08:44:38+02:00


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