Safety and ease of use without penalizing flexibility

Dear Customers,

We are widening our range of instruments on board coilers, for checking springs; After checking compression and torsion springs we are now introducing the control of extension springs.

The new LED50T-V10 makes hook measurement reliable and easy.

The new LED50T-V10 is used to check the dimensions of extension springs, using a single or two TV cameras installed in 2 different positions around the coiler or the transfer system.
The instrument can measure the hooks, the spring body, the hook alignment and even more parameters. The LED50T V10 can drive a sorter box, a dedicated system of the coiler or even integrate dats coming from a load check station.

A wide range of options is available so the LED50T-V10 can be used with any extension spring coiler.

The video shows how to set the TV cameras to check the hooks in 2 different positions.

The great advantage of the LED50T-V10 is its Software which makes the use easy and fast. The operator chooses is a wide range of algorithms the ones he needs, specifies the tolerances and that’s all.

As every MicroStudio instrument, all the measurements performed can be stored, SPC studies can be run, all data can be printed or exported towards a server.

The LED50T-V10 inherits a long tradition since the LED40T was brought on the market, then the LED50T-V6, now providing the following features:

  • A higher production speed
  • A much better quality of measurements insensitive to variations in brightness
  • Possibility to connect the instrument to the company server and do a permanent production survey (Industry 4.0)