New features for the CAL280 calliper with electric contact for springs

Dear customer,
Our calliper for springs with electric contact CAL280 has been renewed to be even more functional when used in the department and it has been added the possibility of connecting it to any PC or terminal.
The CAL280 is designed to work in final control but also in winding and grinding department and allows you to measure length and diameter of ground and not-ground compression springs.
These are the improvements:

  • The new battery guarantees more than 8 hours of operation without power supply so that it can be easily moved near the coiling or grinding machines.
  • The new “Keyboard Emulation” interface allows you to connect the instrument to any PC and transfer the measurements to any software (even an Excel sheet) without any installation.
    By connecting the USB cable and pressing on the CAL280 touchscreen, the value is typed on the PC as if it were written through a keyboard.
  • The following useful accessories have been added to the equipment which are placed in the housing of the CAL280 so that they are ready to use:
    – A mini-USB cable to store the acquired data on a USB stick
    – A 25 mm gauge block for checking the length

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact our sales offices at the email address