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Why choose the MicroStudio Laboratory?

We are the unique Accredited Laboratory checking spring testing equipment and MicroStudio Lab is listed on the Web site of ACCREDIA as such. The most important advantage, when we conduct a calibration service, is that our technician can check all the sensitive points of the machine. At the end of the service we can guarantee


What does the MicroStudio service include? Calibration is performed on site.

During the operation, the technician can do set-ups or maintenance: Planarity, parallelism, internal machine cleaning, and so on… All the functions of the equipment are checked and, if necessary, a specific technical call is scheduled, as the technician doing the machine calibration cannot solve all the possible problems. Sometimes a specific technician must go to


What kind of service does the MicroStudio laboratory offer?

The MicroStudio ACCREDITED service The range of loads of the equipment that can be checked and certified by MicroStudio ranges from 3N up to 25kN. The machines concerned are: PMZ, MXM, PMA, MC54, and similar. Also equipment from other machine manufacturers for spring testing, extension testing, load testers. NOTE: for MicroStudio equipment, Calibration also includes


What is the difference between an ACCREDITED Calibration and a NOT ACCREDITED Calibration?

- The ACCREDITED test provides a CERTIFICATE of Calibration, which is an official document recognised by all international metrology organisations. (EA - IAF – ILAC). This certificate can only be issued by an accredited laboratory under control of Accredia (Italian organisation for Accreditation), which thoroughly checks: The procedure and the working mode The instruments The


Why should we have our equipment tested?

The proper measurement of your test equipment guarantee the products you sell are in accordance with the technical specifications. The test procedure is linked to a fairly complex system of international gauges determining the measures taken with periodically checked equipment are reliable and comparable. If you want to demonstrate to your customers your products are

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