2D-OP-01: equipment to measure instantaneously extension springs

Dear Customer,

Our camera profile projectors LED2D are improving with a new fixture dedicate to the fast and easy measure of extension springs. A specific support allows checking the springs and the angular position of the hooks.

The 2D-OP-01 fixture consists of a magnetic support where the extension spring is located which allows rotating the spring according to its main axis, accurately and without vibration.

The hooks are aligned to the measuring plane and the angular position, between each, is easily measurable thanks to an electronic encoder. All the measuring information can be saved in our software to make automatic tests and do the spc study using PMAR8.

The 2D-OP-01 is available for the LED2D-50H and LED2D-100H models.

Please have a look at our video to understand how easy it is to use this fixture.