Torsion spring life test machine

Dear Customers,

We are pleased to present our new life test machine dedicated to torsion springs, the TFT (Torque Fatigue Tester).

This specific machine is the answer to the growing demand to analyze the specifications of torsion and double torsion springs. The test is fast and easy to perform.

The TFT is an innovative machine, easy to use, programmable for fast execution of the life tests:

  • Up to 5 springs can be tested at the same time. The max torque is 5 Nm per spring.
  • The springs are placed in individual housings. As soon as a spring breaks it can be removed and the test can carry on with the other springs.
  • Each housing is equipped with a load cell, so the variation of the torque can be analyzed until the spring breaks.
  • The test tooling (standard or specific) used by MicroStudio with their torque testers (PTM, PTZ) can be used with the TFT. Costs are reduced, as there is no need to create new test tools.
  • The TFT is set with a touch screen for programming the various parameters: angles, speed, accelerations. These parameters are fundamental to the life test of torsion springs
  • The software includes a self diagnostic routine to help with maintenance and faults detection.