LED50 – Functionality for machine maintenance management and new LED50-V11

Dear Customer,
Our camera measurement system for coiling machines is enriched with a new function that simplifies the management of periodic and preventive maintenance of the coiling machines; in fact today it is possible to set the maintenance frequency for each wear component (for example for the rollers, the cutting knife, lubrication, … etc.)
When each deadline is reached, a warning will appear on the monitor (without blocking the machine) which will remain until maintenance is performed.
The operator can always check the status of each deadline in order to evaluate any tool replacement or maintenance before starting a new production batch.
Leaving a USB key inserted, a backup of the maintenance status is automatically performed.
This new feature is already present in the brand new LED50-V11 instrument and it is possible to perform a software update on any LED50-V10 already installed; for this operation, contact our sales offices at the email address: info@microstudio.eu

Recall that the new LED50-V11 instruments are perfectly compatible with the previous LED50-V10, but have many improvements including the multi-touch display.

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