PM-OP-01: New optional for PMZ

Accessory for 100% load control of small batches

Dear Customer,
Does it happen to you to manually select the load of small batches of compression springs?
Then this new accessory is made for you.
It transforms a PMZ spring force tester into a suitable machine for this purpose in one minute, where light barriers enable efficient and safe work and compliant springs are automatically blown into a box.
Ideal for selecting small compromised lots or for making samples with very narrow specification limits where, however, the reduced volumes do not allow the cost or setup time of an automatic machine to be depreciated.
The PM-OP-01 accessory is mounted on the PMZ instrument in a few seconds, transforming it into a small machine for semi-automatic control.
Compared to using the PMZ tool alone, test times are now more than halved and the risk of operator error is avoided because non-compliant springs are not blown into the box but are removed manually.

PM-OP-01 features:

  • The control plan is built with PMAR8 software which archives all the results and allows you to have reports with statistics.
  • The system is totally safe for the operator and complies with safety directives.
  • Can be installed on newly supplied PMZ instruments with capacity from 30N to 3kN which are prearranged for the PM-OP-01 accessory.
  • Requires a compressed air connection.