New setting machines line

For the fast and effective setting of small and medium sized compression springs, ground or not-ground

Dear Customer,
The new series of setting machine is even faster, easier to use and to equip and with a lower consumption and noise levels.
In addition to the RDZ500 there is the RDZ900, which can set springs up to 9kN.

Main features:

• Motorized setting station with setting cycle at length or block
• Setting with pins, but also with bushing for small coiling diameters
• Angular orientation of the springs before the grinding (optional)
• Automatic or manual loading of the springs in case of small lots
• Industry 4.0 connection available

Strong points:

Setup time: Even faster and easier spring change
Automatic feeding: Easily adaptable with MicroStudio feeders, but also with feeders from other suppliers
Ergonomy: Manual loading from an ergonomic seated position
Fast and easy spring ejection: with motorized clamp moved by CNC motor
Low energy consumption: Only 300 W typical and minimum compressed air consumption

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact our sales offices at the email address