Automatic and manual camera profile projectors

Dear Customer,

We want to introduce you the new manual version of our camera profile projector LED2D, designed to perform quick and easy measurements without complicated configurations.
Today, we show you the innovations and the differences between the new LED2D-B and the consolidated LED2D-H version.

For over 15 years our camera profile projectors LED2D have been acquiring and measuring the dimension of the pieces in less than a second.
The H models are more advanced and suitable for process and final controls.
Instead, the functionalities of the new B model are perfect where flexible and rapid controls are needed without having to create sophisticated control plan.

Following the main common features:

• “Caliper” function which allows:
– Manual point to point measurements without any configurations
– Automatic standard shapes measurements such as torsion and compression springs, rings, …
• Export of the drawing of the profile in CAD or DXF format
• Possibility to use a “virtual tracing paper”

Only for the LED2D-H version is possible to have the motorized focus and the use of the PMAR8 Software, which allows to:

• Save and archive the results
• Elaborate statistics and process controls

For any further information do not hesitate to contact our sales office at the email address info@microstudio.eu